Dear Fran,
Thank you so much, Fran, for painting the entire main floor of my new home and re-designing part of the garden as well. Every wall of the house is now perfect and ready for us to add our artwork. I especially love the dark ceiling you did for the garage, which has made it rather glam.  I appreciate the way you leave samples of the paint beautifully labeled for touch-ups and how you mixed the paint yourself to match the white kitchen. You cheerfully incorporated several extra requests that became obvious once the job began and your team worked hard to get it all done so we could move in  
I love your garden design and appreciate how you were able to divide the perennials in place to continue the patterns, with your own flair. I hope to have you back for my next project.
M.Sheppard, Orillia
Dear Fran:
I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the amazing transformation of my perennial gardens. When you first saw what you had to deal with all you could say was “Wow”, and you were speechless. Yes – They were a mess to say the least!
You and your team worked very hard and it was not long before I went outside to check on things that I said “Wow”. You and your staff are very courteous and friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend your professional services to anyone!
What would have taken me weeks to accomplish, you and your team did in a timely work period. Now we can sit back and enjoy my gardens once again! It was worth every penny and my back and knees thank you too!
Thank you again, much appreciated.
- Anne Ziegler
Thank you so much for the amazing work done in my garden this week!
I truly enjoyed the lovely garden you created for me last year, and the additions and enhancements made for this summer are perfect. The garden provides a lovely welcoming to clients arriving at my office.
Your knowledge of what it takes to create the space is spot on. Your team works hard to not only get he job done, but to your exacting standards, including tidying up all mess and debris so that one would never even know there was work done!
I highly recommend your services. Thank you again,
- Nancy Stabback
We recently had Fran Woodhurst Painting come to our home and paint.  My husband and I were more than satisfied.  Not only did she, and her employees do an excellent job painting, they arrived on time, were more than professional, and also left the work site each and every day, neat and tidy.  They exceeded our expectations.  We would not hesitate to recommend Fran Woodhurst to anyone.  Having them in our home was a pleasure….
Wendy and Steve
Thank you for helping us to choose just the PERFECT colour for the ceiling in our Foyer!  Your expertise in decorating and painting in –and- around all of the extensive crown molding is very impressive!  Now our coloured-crystal chandelier stands out brilliantly as it reflects off the ceiling.  We are very pleased!
Also, I wanted to mention that you did a wonderful job in repairing the walls of our two guest bedrooms, the office and the front hall as they needed some detailing and patching.  They look as new as the day we built our home some eight years ago!
Finally, it was nice to see a painter who cleans up so well after the job is done.  We really appreciated that!
Please know that we will be recommending your work to family and friends and should you ever need a reference for the future, we would be happy to oblige.
Signed….Happy Customers…
 Erin and Vince
We chose Fran Woodhurst to paint our house for many reasons but mostly because she seemed to care.
She returned our calls or emails promptly and gave us a detailed quote so we had no surprises.
Fran and her team were great, they were friendly and helpful and did little fixes without being asked – or paid – we even had our neighbours comment on how thorough and professional they were.
The only thing that slowed down the painting process was the fact that they left early most days because they were pissed … upon by torrential rain!!!!  And unfortunately, that is beyond Fran’s control.
All in all, it was a great experience, great value for money and I would use and recommend Fran and her team again.
Deb and Russ
Like Oscar Wilde, our tastes are simple, we like the best.  So when our tired looking cottage was in need of a facelift, there was only one person to call – Fran Woodhurst!
Fran and her team of experts transformed the exterior of our dated summer abode into a modern and charming lakeside home.  She is a woman who says what she means and means what she says.  Fran and her team arrived at precisely the committed date and proceeded to execute the project with expert craftsmanship and reliability.  Fran listens to your needs and sees your vision.  We felt relaxed and confident in her capable hands.  Fran’s final touch to an already perfect job was the addition of simple yet elegant gardening in a style which allowed the natural beauty of the landscape to preside.
She is punctual, precise, reliable and respectful.  In our opinion, it doesn’t get any better.  When in need of painting and/or gardening, call Fran Woodhurst – you won’t be disappointed.
Steven and Kendal
When I had a recent renovation project in Orillia, I contacted a local paint supplier to ask if they could recommend a reliable painting contractor.  I was given a few names, but Fran Woodhurst was singled out as someone who could achieve the high level of workmanship I was looking for.  I contacted Fran and immediately found her to be very personable, attentive and obviously experienced.  She was quite confident that she could work within our somewhat tight timeframe, and assured me that she would be on site when promised, which she always was.  She offered sound advice when needed to solve our various painting and decorating issues and was always positive when changes from the original scope of work were necessary.  The workmanship was impeccable, and the work area neat and clean at all times.
Fran’s cost quotation for the project proved to be quite accurate and ultimately quite reasonable.  Any extras and changes were dealt with fairly.
I would strongly recommend Fran to anyone interested in dealing with a professional, reliable and dedicated painting and decorating contractor.
When someone is working in our home, we value integrity as much as quality work.  Fran and her team proved this to us because they have a good work ethic and relate to homeowners well.
Fran showed true professionalism and courtesy from the moment that we met her.  She attended at our home with paint samples and made recommendations and also helped with the colour selection.
Her crew is truly dedicated to Fran and this teamwork showed in a job that was done in a timely and dedicated manner.  Our home was a total renovation project and Fran returned to touch up areas that the other trades had disturbed.  We were so impressed with this attention to detail and thoroughness.
Her paintwork has been admired by our friends on numerous occasions because she performed her task to perfection.  Therefore, we are constantly commenting on her performance and recommend her workmanship without hesitation.
It is a pleasure to know Fran; she is a fantastic woman and her workmanship is none other than perfection!
We are grateful and proud of her expertise!!!
James and Carmen
Thank you so very much for your recent consideration for Habitat for Humanity, Orillia/Lake Country in providing the painting for 45 Victoria St. Orillia.  The painting job was very professional and completed in a timely fashion—we are extremely grateful to you and your helpers.
We are gratified that our national sponsors, local business communities and community volunteers have come together this year to assist us on our Project 4 Build on Victoria Street; a safe, comfortable home for deserving hard-working low-income members of our community.  The goal of Habitat for Humanity is to help stamp out poverty, one home and one family at a time – Building Homes, Building Hope.
We thank you again for choosing to partner with our organization in this way sincerely hope our association will continue into the future.
We recently moved into our beautiful new house on Cedar Island Drive.  We owe a debt of gratitude to those who made it all happen.
Fran Woodhurst and her capable team were very instrumental in the outcome of the final product.  They were an absolute pleasure to work with.
Their cheerful attitude was an absolute treat on the construction site and seemed to rub off on everyone around them.  It struck me that these painters were very professional and yet enjoyed their work.  Fran and her employees are very knowledgeable about the types and application of the various finishes.  They impressed me with how quickly and efficiently they worked.
I would most highly recommend Fran and her qualified team of painters.
Dear Fran,
Just a quick note to thank-you and your crew for the remarkable job you did on the interior of our house last week.
Although I saw what a great job you did on my sister’s house while it was empty, I wasn’t prepared for the very little bit of inconvenience – I guess I expected we’d practically have to move out while you did the job!!  Because I run my business out of my home, this was extremely important and I was thrilled not to have to interrupt business at all.
As we all know, service is all about the little extra touches.  Things like your help with our paint order, asking what room we wanted you to begin in, cleaning up as you moved from room to room, putting back blinds and electrical outlet covers, and the little silver paint cans (so cute) with our leftover paint clearly marked.  When you left, the only thing you left behind was a fabulous paint job and the house looks great.
Your service was excellent and we will not hesitate to recommend you in the future.
Thank you.
I’d like to take this opportunity to commend your efficiency and timeliness in repainting our downstairs office.  Law firms cannot afford a great deal of inconvenience when such work is required, and throughout the few days that you were here I noticed neither you nor your colleague unless I sought you out.  You were courteous and polite, and the efforts you took to help Ms. McLean, who was moving into the office, were duly noted.  We were lucky to have someone so adaptable to the needs of a modern, small business.
As we all know, recently I took on the task of renovating our office.  When we decided to do so, I knew for sure only two things; I had no idea where to start, and that I needed to call Fran.  True to form, Fran breezed into the office and immediately went to work assisting us in selecting the perfect colour for our offices.  She worked hard to help us decide when we weren’t certain on a colour, and she steered us in a direction that even we didn’t know we would love.  Fran reads her clients and knows us better than we know ourselves.  She even came back the next day to alleviate my fear and to reassure me.
Fran’s work was flawless, her technique is second to none and her presence in our office was very much welcomed.  In fact, we were sad to see her leave, the office felt empty without her vibrant personality.  Every week we hear Fran describe herself as the “great, friendly, helpful painter’ and she is the epitome of all these things.  It is a pleasure to have been witness to the kind of work she can do, but also to witness the shear professionalism she exudes, without any effort, it’s simply who she is!
Now that Fran’s work is complete, I can speak for my colleagues and myself when I say that we are utterly amazed.  Our office feels revitalized and welcoming, professional and comfortable.  In one work, it’s perfect.  We owe all of that to Fran Woodhurst, and Fran Woodhurst Enterprises, for successfully painting us into a new decade and a new era.
Thank you Fran for the work you’ve done, and I will gladly refer you without a breath of hesitation to anyone and everyone!
You are truly “Frantastic”!
Amanda R
I am writing you in order to express my thanks for such a wonderful job you did in our home.  The 10×13 wall paper mural that we got for our daughter’s new room seemed very intimidating once we opened it and saw what it would take for my husband and myself to put it up.  As I was already 7 months pregnant with our second child we needed this mural to go up easily and quickly without the need for divorce.  I appreciated how meticulous and fussy you were over lining everything up just right so that it really looked like a scene from under the sea.  I was also impressed with your patience as well as your wealth of knowledge and expertise in wallpapering.  Chris and I would have definitely struggled through this task and we are both pleased with the thorough, quality work that you put in.
Taylor was so pleased with it as well. She felt very special to have such a “cool” room.  This made her transition in to her big girl room very smooth.  She was in awe when she first saw her new fishy room with “Nemo” on the wall that she had to take anyone that visited up to her room and show them.  Thank you Fran, for making such a simple job so special, it means a lot to us.
Amanda B
I had Fran paint the complete interior of my cottage. Her time estimate was accurate.  She was professional, reliable, detail oriented and kept our cottage clean.  I would highly recommend her, as she was very easy to work with.
We took on a major renovation at our house and when it came time for the painting we chose Fran Woodhurst.  One of the best decisions we have made.
As is the usual when renovating there are delays and changes but Fran worked with us every step of the way she was very helpful and flexible.  I can’t say enough about Fran and her team, they are easy to work with, take pride in their work, they are professional, extremely trustworthy and their work is of the highest standards.
We highly recommend Fran Woodhurst -The Friendly Painter – we cannot say enough about Fran.
Thank you so much for helping to make our home look so wonderful.
Greg and Karen
Fran Woodhurst finished painting my home yesterday.  I have never known a company tradespeople with the professionalism, talent and knowledge that Fran and her men exhibited.  It’s not just that they did an amazing job, it’s how they did it – as if it were their own home.  They took care with my stuff, they made appropriate suggestions, and they cleaned and replaced everything when they were finished painting. Fran did more than she said she would, when she said she would, and for what she quoted. Fran delivered value far beyond what I expected.
I can sum up how I feel about her work in three words – WOW and Thank-You
We found Fran Woodhurst online and asked her to come to our house for a quote.  She, hands down, had the most competitive pricing using the best products over any other company that had visited.  Her knowledge and advice even helped us choose the right colour for us!  When it came time for the job, it started and ended exactly when she had stated and the results were amazing.  Her crew was courteous, professional, and efficient.  Even when a small problem arose, through no fault of her or her crew, she returned and fixed it for us at no charge.  Great service and I will be using her again!
Michelle & Andrew
Fran Woodhurst recently painted my entire house with her team while I was away on vacation. I gave her carte blanche to choose colours and if she saw fit rearrange any furniture. Fran and her team chose the colours and the results were to be a surprise. When I returned home and entered I was awe struck. The colours were amazing, the workmanship impeccable and the rooms suddenly appeared larger. There was a great deal of wall resurfacing due to age and the settling of a 60-year-old house. There was no sign of drywall dust and all the furniture and floors had been washed with no sign of them having been there.
Fran had rearranged each room and the new layouts were all a huge success. She laid things out so differently that the rooms to on a whole new look. Paintings and artwork were moved to different rooms accenting them in a whole new light.Furniture was positioned in ways I would not have dreamed of. It was refreshing to come home to something different, bright, fresh. and laid out with practicality in mind.
This is truly the workmanship of someone who takes pride in their craft.
In  a beat I would recommend Fran Woodhurst Painting.
My husband and I have used Fran Woodhurst and her team to paint nearly our entire home over the past year, and we have been extremely pleased with their work. Our house has very high vaulted ceilings and intricate trim, and Fran and her team have always done an exceptional job. They are very professional, extremely efficient, tidy, friendly, and accommodating. I never have any concerns leaving them unattended in our home. They have gone above and beyond on a number of occasions to ensure we are happy with the final result. The price of the job is always in line with the quality of work, and we will definitely be using her services again for future work.
Fran and her team came to me highly recommended by my neighbour and she did not disappoint. I had a covered porch and large deck that had to be repaired and stained. She coordinated her sources to make the necessary repairs and because the work was outside she had to schedule around the weather. Her and her team completed the projects quickly without unnecessary interruption and left a clean work site. A joy to work with!
Over the past couple of years Fran and her team of dedicated professionals have kept my front and back yards thriving and looking beautiful. Fran is so knowledgeable about all aspects of gardening and gives very helpful suggestions on when to put the garden to bed in the fall, spring revitalization and everything in between. She provides full service from design, planting and weeding.
For a family reunion earlier this year, I asked Fran at the last minute to create a container for my front landing. What she created was dramatic and gorgeous and still looks beautiful and healthy months later.
I would recommend her to deliver a great job, nice people and a fair price!
We are very pleased with the job FRAN WOODHURST PAINTING recently completed for us in our house in Orillia.
Fran and her crew of painters did everything as promised, from starting right on schedule to the date promised for the job to be completed. The ceilings, walls, trim and bathroom painting were top-notch and completed very professionally. When we found a few extra tasks which needed to be done, they presented no problem. They were added as extras and were looked after to our complete satisfaction.
We were very impressed with the quality and timing of WOODHURST’s work from start to finish.
Thanks for the excellent work.
Bruce and Shirley